Scott Bauman


Head Boys Basketball Coach, Marlborough HS (2016 – Present)
Asst. Men’s Basketball, Bluffton University (2015 – 2016)
G.A. Men’s Basketball, Christian Brothers University (2013 – 2015)
Asst. Men’s Basketball Coach, College of Mount St. Joseph (2012-13)
Asst. Men’s Basketball Coach, Lafayette High School (2011-12)
Student-Athlete at Transylvania University (2007-11)

The goal is to climb to the level of a Division III head coach. I have played at that level and have coached at that level. In an ideal world, I find a home at a Division III institution where I can raise a family and some banners along the way.

At a competitive level, sports are pure. It challenges you. It reveals work ethic. It molds character. It provides a blueprint for success. It is a game with real outcomes.

The reason why I coach is to provide similar opportunities for others that the game has afforded me. My responsibilities as a coach put me in a position to prepare those aspiring to chase their own dreams.

There is no set path to reaching my own goal, but I look forward to each and every experience throughout my climb.  My hope with this blog is by detailing my journey I will be able to help out somebody chasing their own dream; ultimately, to inspire the aspired.

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