Organization is paramount in our profession. And we would love to help out any coaches looking for a #52WeekCoaching Planner that covers a full year season from start to finish. This is a collaborative process that we want to ensure is done to meet the expectations of the coach’s vision. What we aim to do is put together a customized Coaching Planner digitally via PDF that can later be used to print to preference for binding, three-hole-punched, or simple storage with a folder. It cost what you think is fair (see the One-Time Contribution below); we are doing this to try and best serve the coaching community.

Our comprehensive #52WeekCoaching Planner contains the following ‘Table of Contents’ that can be customized (per request) for any coach interested:

  • Program Core Values
  • 12-Month Calendar & Monthly Agenda
  • Pre-Season: Checklist, Roster Sheet, & Individual Meeting Notes
  • Offense: Team Identity Sheet & Full/Half Court Diagram Pages
  • Defense: Team Identity Sheet
  • Practice Plans
  • Game-Day Preparation: Scouting Report, Coaching Cards & Stat Sheets
  • Off-Season: Exit Meeting Notes
  • Summer Schedule & Miscellaneous

Fill out the brief form below or just send us an e-mail ( with additional notes attached to customize the Planner. We will be quick to respond to get started putting it all together! After everything is complete, we would appreciate – if you are satisfied with the product – to return to this page to contribute what you feel is a fair amount from our efforts.



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We hope this planner serves you well this upcoming season!

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