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How We Handle Exit Meetings

Similar to style of play, or anything coaching; every program has their own approach to handling exit meetings. Following the last game of the season with time built in between to decompress, the staff will begin scheduling exit meetings in the Spring. For underclassmen, it is an opportunity to identify a progression plan between the … Continue reading How We Handle Exit Meetings

Going From Competing To Coaching

First off, I’m not proud of the title of this topic given that it somehow insinuates coaches stop competing after hanging up their jerseys. There is, however, a different mentality preparing to compete as a coach versus a player, and unfortunately, in my experience harder to forget afterward. It has been ten years removed since … Continue reading Going From Competing To Coaching

52 Weeks of Coaching

The first season of #52WeekCoaching is a wrap. What started as a project to challenge my own ability to follow-through on personal objectives, transpired into an opportunity to share weekly stories about a variety of topics that occur throughout the course of a given year in coaching. Intentionally, the topics were prepared to align with … Continue reading 52 Weeks of Coaching

Triangle Concepts Today

With little to no live sports to engage the millions confined to their homes; #TheLastDance has captivated the country. And for us coaches desperately seeking scheme to steal or scrutinize, the Triangle offense has emerged as a relevant conversation starter. During the 1991 to 1998 seasons, the Chicago Bulls won 6 NBA championships under the … Continue reading Triangle Concepts Today

Positionless Basketball

Ten years ago, the basketball world watched a player by the name of Anthony Davis reap the rewards of Guard skills in a Post body.  All too often, adolescent players are labeled and locked into positions determined largely by their height and handles.  Davis is a beneficiary of an uncommon idea known as Positionless Basketball.  … Continue reading Positionless Basketball

Off-Season Focus

When dealing with off-season focus, there are a number of things that need a coach’s attention. These items can range from things that need to be improved on the court as well as things that need to be improved off to court. As a coach approaches the off-season, the goal at the end of the … Continue reading Off-Season Focus

Coaching Carousel

As they say, “So you want to get into coaching?” If you click on the thread below there is a collection of coaches giving 280 character snapshots of their journey. Every spring flooding into the summer there is a “Coaching Carousel” that has given prominence to accounts, such as HoopDirt or AtticusFinch. The landscape, particularly … Continue reading Coaching Carousel

Exit Meetings

Exit meetings are one of the most important things that you can do. This is a critical component that bridges the season that you are concluding, with the next season that you will be going into. As a Coach, this a time that you can give your assessment on the performance of your players and … Continue reading Exit Meetings

Team Banquets

#FinalFour is a wrap and all the #StateTournaments have crowned champions. There is likely one more opportunity where that particular team can get together as a group for the final time. #TeamBanquets are an opportunity for everyone involved in the program to reflect on the season. Some schools create a mini-awards ceremony on campus to … Continue reading Team Banquets

Final Four

The Final Four is one of the best weekends of the year. Unfortunately, there will be no Final Four this year. This, like a lot of other things currently going on, is unprecedented. Ever since I can remember I have been captivated by the Final Four. As a kid I wanted to play in the … Continue reading Final Four

What Do We Do Now

Every coach responds differently to the end of the season. My objective is to take time away from the game for at least a week to decompress and be with my family. Others may continue going to the #StateTournaments out of tradition, or for motivation. Some may have exit meetings immediately after the season while … Continue reading What Do We Do Now

State Tournament

My brother was a sophomore on the Varsity roster that had just made it to the State Tournament preparing to play in front of thousands in legendary Rupp Arena. Affectionately referred to as the “Sweet Sixteen” totaling 16 champions from their respective regional tournaments; the state of Kentucky finishes the season with one true champion … Continue reading State Tournament

Season Part Three

There aren’t too many people that would’ve predicted how the season finished across the country. “Control what you can control.”  These words have never seemed to ring more true than in the moment. There is a lot of uncertainty right now beyond the realm of basketball and rightfully so, however a lot of the circumstances … Continue reading Season Part Three

Future Rule Changes

Innovation in basketball is largely influenced by the rules governing the game. From the Original 13 Rules to the NIT Experiment there is always a discussion for how to improve the game. The first contest ever recorded finished 5 to 1, compare that now to the top defensive-rated teams in the NBA keeping opponents right above … Continue reading Future Rule Changes

What Loses Games

Many times, it is easy to talk about what wins games. We put such a premium on this, that we sometimes fail to talk about #WhatLosesGames. In many cases, these can be direct opposites. As I break down what loses games in this article, we will take a look at on & off the court … Continue reading What Loses Games

What Wins Games

Don’t spend too much time looking for the recipe; the biggest ingredient to winning more games is talent. As much as coaches want to play the role of fixing the flawed like your favorite rom-com flick; there has to be a foundational skill-set to work with to facilitate competitive balance. But, when talent is equal … Continue reading What Wins Games

Post-Season Preparation

This will be the second consecutive year where we will not be competing during the postseason. It is not where we want to be, however, it provides polarizing experiences from a coaching standpoint to learn from comparing the first two seasons as a head coach competing on a higher level. The best teams have one … Continue reading Post-Season Preparation

Season Part Two

I consider the playing season to be broken up into three segments: preseason/out-of-conference, conference, and postseason. Progressively there is a narrowing focus to incrementally grow as a team in preparation for the next. The early part of the season is the installation and integration phase. Depending on the level, each basketball calendar works differently; here … Continue reading Season Part Two

Alumni Connections

Connecting with the alumni of a basketball program should be one of the top priorities of the athletic administration and head coach. Naturally, over the years, there are athletes that come and go through a program, that in one era or another, has captured the true essence of that school’s culture.  With this culture sometimes … Continue reading Alumni Connections

Player Burnout

When I was competing as a student-athlete (Division III), Christmas Break was pretty much the commitment period. We would have a mandatory week off over the holidays being able to go back home to see our families and friends. This was a time to retain that brief sense of zero responsibility and limitless leisure that … Continue reading Player Burnout

Winning Streak

When you find yourself in the middle of a winning streak, one of the best things that you can do is keep doing what you have been doing.  One of the mistakes that can be made when on a winning streak is to change what has been working, to something that you have not been … Continue reading Winning Streak

Losing Streak

It can be two or twenty-two games, losing streaks all create a similar effect – questions. Where are we playing poorly? What can we adjust? How have we been practicing? How are our rotations? Who has played well for us, who needs a shorter leash on the floor? Why doesn’t practice transfer to the games? … Continue reading Losing Streak

After. Time. Off

We just finished with #BalancingTheHolidays. Each program handles winter break differently, some coaches make philosophical decisions, while others are at the mercy of their actual game schedule. Either way, it is a unique time during the season where coaches have to consider sports-life balance and the re-activation upon return. If given freedom on the schedule, … Continue reading After. Time. Off

Balancing the Holidays

Holiday Hoops Redefined We are all shaped by our circumstances.  This is a commonality present in all communities and cultures. But it wasn’t until 5 years ago that I truly understood the weight of these words. I joined the varsity basketball team of Texas High School in 2000 as a sophomore.  Texas High School is … Continue reading Balancing the Holidays

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