Every coach responds differently to the end of the season. My objective is to take time away from the game for at least a week to decompress and be with my family. Others may continue going to the #StateTournaments out of tradition, or for motivation. Some may have exit meetings immediately after the season while emotions are still fresh. There is no right answer, but once the season is over we all are left asking ourselves the same questions #WhatDoWeDoNow?

Under more routine circumstances of a ’52 Week Coaching’ season, the spring tends to follow this patterned schedule:

  • All-Sports Banquet
  • Team Banquet
  • End of Season Notes/Recap
  • Spring Season Talks (Informal)
  • Spring / Summer Workouts Available
  • Open Gyms Schedule
  • Free Throw Fundraiser
  • Identify Camp Dates

After the hiatus, there are the usual end-of-season banquets with the school and another one separate just for the guys on the team. During those times we acknowledge the seniors and give expectations to returners for workouts moving forward. In order to receive the spring workouts – possible returner or interested newcomer – each individual has to details goals to improve revealing plans and purpose to improve.

Open gyms often run 2 to 3 times a week depending on gym availability and the coordination of students. During this time nothing is mandatory, so this is often a good indication of early commitment by the consistent attendance during workouts. It can be frustrating as a coach to have low numbers, but these are great opportunities to express how impressionable it can be to stand out for the right reasons when options are presented.

Our Free-Throw Fundraiser is an annual event for those that are expected to participate in our Summer League. Again due to state athletic association regulations we can not select the roster for our Summer League teams that we comprise to compete starting in June. As a way to pay to play we push all interested athletes to participate in our Free Throw Fundraiser collecting contributions (encouraged outside the family) from pledges per free-throw. It has been a great way for our guys to interact with the community, challenge their comfort zones, and raise awareness for our program working for opportunities.

Coaching From a Distance

This year will be memorable for reasons beyond the court. During this time being socially responsible takes priority; however, our ability to professionally develop and prepare for being back on campus can still exist in the comfort of our own homes. Here are a variety of things occurring that could be of value for you:

Virtual Coaches Clinic

A virtual basketball coaches clinic with over 200 coaches at all levels speaking on a myriad of topics. There is something for everyone to learn something new, or stimulate some ideas on a familiar concept of the game.


These aren’t new to the times but because of the nationwide stoppage of play, there is far more accessibility of coaches with the time to speak. Catch any number of these podcasts from some rising coaches!

Networking via FaceTime or Zoom

Read a New Book

Create a Master Practice Plan

Get in the Film Room 

Most importantly, spend quality time with family. Continue to stay active and stay safe!


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