Season Off the Sidelines

After ten seasons on the sidelines, wait, take this back to the playing days, and it will be over twenty years since I have spent a season off the court. My wife and I have made the decision to move back home to be closer with family. A little one on the way can shift … Continue reading Season Off the Sidelines

Negotiating 101: Body-Language

Each interaction during a negotiation can help uncover true feelings, hidden agendas, or consequently lead to misinterpretations. For this #BookClub post I'll share a story from personal experience to allow coaches to digest and consider what their reactions would be if in a similar situation. This does leave an open interpretation to how coachable I may have been during my playing days.

Negotiating 101: Preparation

The coaches come to the table - or locker room - for a team meeting to negotiate the terms of the off-season. At the scholastic level student-athletes plans are set in place, versus professionals, that may choose to participate in summer leagues or rest. The negotiations aren't necessarily between what the expectations are rather than an alignment of energy invested into the off-season. Therefore it is a matter of what must happen in order for team success to occur versus what each party wants to accomplish.

Be Different

Being different creates transparency. A translucent program mitigates miscommunication. Underclassmen understand expectations earlier because continuity is often consistent. And as a staff, evaluating prospective recruits as a future fit to the program can be more identifiable.