Steve Kerr is Like Any Coach in America

Coaches that have been in the game a bit likely can relate to what Steve Kerr is going through at the moment. Ok, not directly relatable given he has professional athletes to work with on a daily basis. However, all coaches have some experience with the feeling of first to worst. Coming from a situation … Continue reading Steve Kerr is Like Any Coach in America


Conscious Coaching: Intro & Chapter 1

"Conscious Coaching is about figuring out an athlete's purpose and matching it with an evidence-based coaching process." Intro & Chapter 1 Takeaways Conscious Coaching Defined Four Elements of a Conscious Coach "...(T)ools that will help you improve your ability to close the gaps that may exist between your athletes' internal drives and your personal coaching … Continue reading Conscious Coaching: Intro & Chapter 1

Loading to the Ball Saw this clip from Illinois State demonstrating "Loading to the Ball." Have been looking for clips to use as examples for our program to better understand off-ball positioning when applying full-court pressure man-to-man. Athletes at the lower levels tend to have a good idea on a half-court being in "help" position when their offensive … Continue reading Loading to the Ball