Concept or Continuity

Here is the hypothetical: Team A is considerably less-skilled. Team B is considerably more-skilled. Every coach goes into any season, and on a micro-level into every game, gauging how their program will fare against the opposition based on their own personnel's ability, aptitude, and capacity to compete. Yet, there seems to be a depreciation of … Continue reading Concept or Continuity


Inverted Offense

Offensive execution is schematic point-conversion - manufacturing shot-selection into points on the scoreboard. With the increasing value for analytics in today's game, coaches are being trained in the comprehension of high-value scoring coming from free-throws, lay-ups, and three-point field goals. Consider today's style of play, 'Pace & Space' or 'Drive & Kick' being the universal … Continue reading Inverted Offense

Conscious Coaching: Intro & Chapter 1

"Conscious Coaching is about figuring out an athlete's purpose and matching it with an evidence-based coaching process." Intro & Chapter 1 Takeaways Conscious Coaching Defined Four Elements of a Conscious Coach "...(T)ools that will help you improve your ability to close the gaps that may exist between your athletes' internal drives and your personal coaching … Continue reading Conscious Coaching: Intro & Chapter 1