In-Game Coaching

There is no better day than game-day! I still get nervous; butterflies are likely the only thing I can guarantee prior to tip-off. Yet, for some reason as soon as the National Anthem finishes a sense of calm briefly takes control. I have this self-prescribed rule where I have to start every quarter sitting down. … Continue reading In-Game Coaching

Conscious Coaching: Archetypes

"Successful interactions with others are underpinned by our recognition of their individual drives and desires. Once we understand someone's drives and desires it becomes much easier to align on common goals and a pathway to achieve them." This is a unique portion of the book where the author (Brett Bartholomew) categorizes patterns of personality traits … Continue reading Conscious Coaching: Archetypes

Conscious Coaching: Chapter 3

"There are three principle means of acquiring knowledge . . . observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination." - Denis Diderot Chapter 3 Takeaways: Drive vs Motivation Conflict as the Catalyst Task vs Personal Conflict Drive is long-term. Motivation is reactionary. If the … Continue reading Conscious Coaching: Chapter 3

Conscious Coaching: Chapter 2

"It is authenticity, not mimicry, that best serves as the coach's initial linchpin toward establishing a strong connection with others." Chapter 2 Takeaways Internal Identification: Authenticity Contextual Leadership A lot to unpack in this chapter that primarily focused on self-reflection of disposition and personality traits that have an impact on our ability to lead others. … Continue reading Conscious Coaching: Chapter 2