Each coaching experience is different despite commonalities in our job description. #52WeekCoaching is about creating a conversation from year-round issues, scribed from a first-hand perspective. It is intended for coaches – aspiring and developing – to augment our capacity with aspects all of us could relate to throughout our careers. Coach’s Climb simply strives to be the platform promoting all of your stories!

How It Works:

  • There are 52 topics, hence 52 weeks in a year
  • We will post any content contributed by coaches based on the topic pertaining to that week. The list of topics are sequential in order (relevant to a year in coaching)
  • Contributing coaches are welcomed from all levels across the country
  • Starting June 2nd (Sunday) we will post all Contributing Coaches content interested in writing about the first topic – Leave A Legacy (Diagram Illustrating List of Topics at Bottom of Page)
  • Every Sunday we will publish new content based on the next topic

How Can You Become a Contributor?

  • Coaches that are interested in contributing will choose a topic that they would like to write about (Understand that the topics are published in sequential order, each will be revealed a month in advance)
  • Fill out the contact form providing some background information allowing us to create a Coach’s Profile (example below)

*Coach’s Profile will allow others to Find Coaches previously published posts & hopefully help connect with others*
  • After receiving notification of interest, we will respond via email all the necessary details pertaining to the topic chosen and guidelines toward completion of the post
  • Simply write it up (page to page and a half in length) in any format that you choose (Word, Notes, etc.) & submit it to
  • Attach any images/media that you feel relevant to the post
  • Upon approval (just a simple check for cleanliness & appropriateness) then we will post it with your Coach’s Profile attached as the feature & for the rest of the coaching community to appreciate