Each coaching experience is different despite commonalities in our job description. #52WeekCoaching is about creating a conversation from year-round issues, scribed from a first-hand perspective. It is intended for coaches – aspiring and developing – to augment our capacity with aspects all of us could relate to throughout our careers. Coach’s Climb simply strives to be the platform promoting all of your stories!

*Coach’s Profile will allow others to Find Coaches previously published posts & hopefully help connect with others*

How It All Works:

  1. Choose a topic of interest.
  2. Fill out the Contact Form providing some background information allowing us to create a Coach’s Contact Card for other coaches to connect (See Gallery Above)
  3. After receiving notification of interest, we will respond via email with all the necessary details pertaining to the topic chosen and guidelines toward the completion of the post.
  4. Simply write it up (750 to 2k words) in any format that you choose (Word, Notes, etc.)
  5. Submit final draft to coachs_climb@yahoo.com with all additional images/media
  6. Upon approval – check for cleanliness & appropriateness – then we will push to publish
  7. Weekly content is published every Sunday. Depending on the topic, we may choose to publish the post to best coordinate with the progression of the given season or trending conversation surrounding the game. This will be communicated to the Coach prior to publication.