decoy dbl duck-in

Coach Bickley

Multnomah University

Box Baseline Screen

Coach Romar

Pepperdine University

Pin Switch Slip

Coach Gomez

Lubbock Christian University

Traditional Flex

Coach Lamie

Grove City College

low cross lob

Coach Sieverding

University of Dubuque


Coach Saintsing

Barton College

Cross-Screen Hi Low

Coach Berkhof

UW – River Falls

DHO Double to Rim

Coach Von Vogt

William Jessup University


Coach Jessee

Warner University

Box Pin Curl

Coach McAlester

Lebanon Valley College

Ghost Loop Seal

Coach Blaine

College of Idaho

Weak Cross Counter

Coach Schaefer

Grand View University

Stack Rip

Coach Martin

Loras College

Inverted 1-4 High

Coach Vivian

Marietta College

Double-Double Rip

Coach Drake

Midland University

Elbow Shuffle

Coach Lewis

MidAmerica Nazarene University

Horns Clear

Coach Siebenthall

Ottawa University

Strong Seal (Zone)

Coach Martinez

Taylor University

UCLA Perimeter Post

Coach Jerry

Trinity International University

Chin Back Hold

Coach Lemmond

University of Alabama-Huntsville

Box Shuffle

Coach Cluesman

UVA Wise

Chin Elbow Hold

Coach Schirmer

Valdosta State University

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