trigger reverse lob

Coach Weissenfluh

Eastern Oregon University

Double Stack Dive

Coach Colvin

Campbellsville University


Coach Fralick

Bowling Green State University

Zipper Overload

Coach Mize

Lincoln University (MO)

1-4 High Overload

Coach Coombs

Georgia Southwestern University

Screen the Triangle

Coach Fisher

Campbell University

High Post & Seal

Coach Reeves

University of the Cumberlands

Circle Backscreen

Coach Christensen

Dakota Wesleyan University

1-4 Overload

Coach Davis

Morgan State University

Backscreen & Backdoor

Coach Esparza

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Baseline Runner

Coach Syljebeck

Siena Heights University

shift & Skip

Coach Bassett

Sterling College

Zone Under

Coach Wright

Talladega College

Strong Side Seal

Coach Martinez

Taylor University

Around the World

Coach Rigby

Troy University


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