Belmont’s Coach Byrd draws up a great late game Backscreen Pick & Pop for Three.

Minnesota gets a great look for Coffey following a Shuffle STS (Screen the Screener) flowing nicely into a Pindown DHO (Dribble Hand-Off), again for Three.

Possibly 1 of the plays of the night with Ja’ Morant being keyed in on defensively, Murray State runs a Blind Pig action for the backdoor slam! Blind Pig is an action traditionally executed from the Triangle Offense during Phil Jackson / Tex Winter days.

New Mexico State attempting to play backboard busters as much as bracket busters with this lob set. A ghost screen (intentionally slip and pop the ballscreen) into a backscreen for the lob. Notice the initial Cross-Screen by the eventual Backscreen to keep defender’s head on a swivel. Late in recovery continues to hug the screener, which leads to space for a lob! 

A great EOG (End of Game) action by Coach Jans from a BLOB (Baseline Out of Bounds). Coach Jans recognizing Auburn switching M2M defense executes a split screen perfectly allowing his hottest shooter to free up in the corner. An unfortunate ending for New Mexico State, but not by lack of execution. 


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