Campus is buzzing. Student-athletes are back in the hallways. And coaches are putting together final preparations for pre-season. We #Back2School.

Primary Responsibilities

Coaches at different levels adhere to different schedules and work/life balances. So, with generalities in consideration this is how we go about our business to get acclimated to #Back2School:

  1. Connect – Touch base with returners & newcomers checking to see happy, healthy, and ready to go.
  2. Academic Expectations – The start of the 1st semester can set them up for the trajectory of the rest of the year. Identify standards, classroom expectations, consequences, and resources available to succeed.
  3. Gym Availability Schedule – Balance open gyms/workouts with Fall Sports.
  4. Preseason Strength/Conditioning Program
  5. Open Gyms

Getting Settled

At the college level; new year starts whenever everyone steps foot on campus. Following the good-byes to family driving away reality sets in right away with the first team-meeting of early expectations, standards, and initial timelines.

At the high-school level, it can be a little more challenging considering roster spots aren’t guaranteed from year-to-year. And with the number of multi-sport athletes expected to play basketball; it can be difficult to have a collective focus toward winter sports during a fall sports season. That being said, we make do with what we have and when we can have them. Presumably, most states are able to do non-basketball related activities as soon as school starts. First meetings are likely informally put together with non-fall sports athletes to discuss preseason conditioning and open gym schedules.

More samples for team meeting material shared – Commitment Contract / Laws of Teamwork / Team Rules

Setting the Tone

The most important aspect of getting off to the right start is channeled energy in a collective way.

  • Healthy competition in every way possible – weight room, open gyms, classrooms, etc.
  • Be together – in the dining room, in the hallways, and off-campus
  • Keep teammates on track – hold each other accountable to stay on the right path

Coaches invest a lot of time during the off-season identifying program needs to build a mentally and physically prepared program to be successful during the season. This may come in the form of intensive weight room workouts, team chemistry activities, or skill-building player development. From conception to application this is likely the most invigorating part of coaching – establishing or reinforcing culture. Take from Urban Meyer’s Above the Line to building culture:

“Believe It – Sell It – Demand It”

Good luck Coaches!


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