This breaks from any coaching criteria. But it doesn’t. Even yesterday reading the final pages from our Book Club there was this quote:

“…Understanding things well enough to be able to change the future.”

The problem is I do not understand. I don’t understand enough about the situation to help make a change, yet. I don’t understand how to ease the pain of so many African-Americans that have been slighted, overlooked, or abused from generations of systemic oppression.

What I do understand is observation, conversation, and perspective can diminish ignorance. For starters, I recognize through observation that if a change is to occur it will take a groundswell of support and I have to be an active participant. Unequivocally,

Black Lives Matter

Our conversations will continue. Having already spoken with a few peers, staff, and program stakeholders I am reminded that action is louder than words. Our program emphasizes, “If you know – teach. If you do not know – ask questions.” As someone without the answers, it is my responsibility to ask more questions. How can we improve? What steps am I taking to empower all my student-athletes with the right resources to make good decisions? Are we doing enough to improve perspective?

Black Lives Matter

What has transpired over the past couple of months has challenged everyone across the country. Testing our patience, resourcefulness, relationships, and resolve. Yet, the events that have taken place during the past week have yet again illuminated what our country has been challenged with for generations – social justice and racial equality.

As a coach, we understand we have a responsibility to emulate, articulate, and demonstrate the right way. And I honestly don’t know the right way, but I am making a conscientious effort to better understand how to make a difference.

Black Lives Matter


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