Key Takeaways

  • Implications of Leadership
  • 15 Minute Competitive Advantage


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The last two books have intentionally focused on content related to confidence; this could be in terms of individually or collectively as a team or organization. In a team capacity, confidence can become contagious. Elements exist with team comradery, or the positive subtle cues surrounding the locker room or organization to reinforce the daily drive to be at your best. Introspectively, our daily decisions often play the biggest role in our mental makeup. With the current climate of our circumstances, mental health will be the elephant in the room. There is a propensity to sweep this discussion under the rug as it is, but now more than ever with a growing number of restrictions, cancellations, and limitations – it can’t be ignored.

If summarized in one sentence: The Slight Edge and Confidence are two books that challenge the concept of inertia. Whether it is in finances, business, or sports doing nothing inhibits any growth and consequently leads to downward spirals. Confidence is a combination of personal experience and the foundation that holds you up. The final chapters written by Kanter were about uplifting leadership and how to stay on top of the cyclical nature of life – 15 minutes at a time.

Implications of Leadership

You ever heard coaches say, “Well, I can’t shoot for you!”?

They’re not lying. Yet, also not likely inducing confidence for the potential shooter. The most nauseating conversation regarding the greatest of all-time between LeBron and Jordan (or Kobe, Wilt, etc.) can lead to an argument about killer-instinct in late-game scenarios. Digression aside, self-confidence is a dominating disposition for the greatest of their sport. Is it innate or circumstantial?

Although the charisma of leadership tends to be associated with larger-than-life individuals who weave inspirational spells, charisma can become a property of a whole group of people who believe in one another and the power of their teamwork.

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The author uses the term ‘water-walkers’ for the gifted individuals that seem to effortlessly perform miracles without fail. Unnoticed to the general observers are the stones beneath the surface supporting every step. Leaders understand the value of the ‘water-walker’ and the shoulders beneath to move forward. Confidence grows for a clearly defined purpose and the value that brings collective success.

When people can rely on themselves and one another to be accountable, to collaborate, and to take initiative, they can perform extraordinary feats. These lessons are relevant for leading teams, businesses, countries, and life.


15 Minute Competitive Advantage

Ok, bringing it back to the greatest of all-time debate. One other thing that can drive me crazy about the conversation is the blanket disregard of either candidates failures. Watch any YouTube clip of said glorified athlete, how many missed shots do you see?

The most confident human in the world – fails. Or has failed. Life is full of bad breaks, untimely circumstances, and disruption. All of these instances posit a choice.

Human behavior is propelled by cycles but not confined by them. People can get swept up in the momentum, but they can also fight against it. That’s why it is possible to learn a great deal about winning from losing.

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Confidence is cyclical. Poor performances occur for one reason or another and the ‘Fifteen Minute Competitive Advantage’ focuses on the response. Think about pressure moments, does the mind focus on the outcome of a small picture or big picture? If you are helping me prove my point in this metaphor it is likely the big picture.

The game is on the line, we have to hit this shot. Or a timeout with likely one possession left, this play has to be executed to perfection to win. Our mind can immediately skip steps to the monumental consequence during pressure moments potentially paralyzing performance. ‘The Fifteen Minute Competitive Advantage’ is the aim small – miss small philosophy to stay the course. For coaches – particularly at the college level – this is why you might hear “Win Every 4 Minutes” given the media timeouts. It narrows the vision just to be good in the moment.

The implications of leadership keeps big picture in mind with a microscope on the short-term. The ‘Fifteen Minute Competitive Advantage is a short-term mindset because control exist only in the response, not in the consequence. Confidence is trusting regardless of circumstance there is always the capacity to take another step forward.

People rise to the occasion when they have the confidence to do it.

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