Basketball season is back. After helping out as an assistant with an emerging College of Mount St. Joseph I was fortunate to land an opportunity to be an assistant at Christian Brothers University.  With the similarities on offense between the two programs there has been an easier transition for me and opportunities to incorporate ideas of my own that may provide different looks for future opponents.

I continue to learn different nuances about the Princeton offense, but my interpretation is based on 3 things: Pace, Patience, & Personnel. One of the biggest advantages to the Princeton offense is the action that is infused on the halfcourt. Hardest thing for a defense to guard is their own mistakes, which is exactly what the Princeton offense aims to do. Under a R&R (read/react) offense coaches place a lot of trust on the players making their own decisions, conversely there are a lot of growing pains that tend to exist in the early stages of the season. We are about 2 weeks into practice and there is a lot to improve upon, but our team comes to practice with an understanding that there is a lot of potential if they are willing to put in the work.  November 10th is the start to a new year and another opportunity to make their own mark, but as one of our players said in the locker room prior to the first day of practice, “It starts with today.” Let’s go!


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