Each year comes the customary process to identifying team captains for respective programs. Depending on philosophy, coaches vary on the responsibilities players will assume beyond the obligatory handshake at halfcourt prior to the game. I have had strong leaders deserved of this recognition and works-in-progress that struggled in this role.

I tweeted this question earlier in the week and still would love to gain others’ perspectives on this.

Do I have captains? Yes.

Do I take a lot of stock in it? No

Captains and leaders are mutually exclusive. I fall under the philosophy that selections for captains are formalities. This can be especially significant where acknowledgment among peers trumps independent integrity.

Leaders emerge from a combination of earned social status within team dynamic, perceived sense of self-efficacy on the floor, and the peripheral vision for the locker room to drive everyone toward a common goal.

The question for coaches, if you are aware that your personnel on roster do not exemplify (to start the season) leadership characteristics is there a compulsion to have “Captains” simply by default?


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