It is a 3v3 closeout drill that embeds our defensive principles with an offensive incentive to move the ball to score. We are looking to start with a simple 3-man closeout and off-ball positioning. Once the ball is passed around the horn, ball goes live. It looks a little something like this…

Keep in mind our objective is to score, so at any point we take advantage of those closeouts we are trying to score. However we are looking to score based on this shot chart.

*Note* – Point values associated with shot selection are articulated in team meetings prior to executing this drill. Be transparent in expectations and why these shots lead to higher percentages, ultimately a higher offensive efficiency.

We will keep total number of passes and total number of points (based on shot chart) to identify if there is any correlation to them. In the end, our objective of this game is defensive driven forcing “Tough 2’s” and limiting the amount of fouls (equaling 10 points), while trying to create as many purposeful offensive possessions as possible.

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