“Rarely do players (especially the best players at the highest level) get to do exactly what they want when they shoot shots in game. Game shots are always flawed. Players do their best to execute the shot as best they can but they usually have an equally talented defender chasing close by, trying to stop them. To copy what NBA players do in games is the first mistake e should avoid.” – Dave Love NBA Shooting Coach


Dave Love recently wrote a piece Ten Toes at the Rim discussing footwork for shooters. Shooting form is always a hot topic for coaches and vary in philosophy when teaching mechanics. Dave Love is a great follow on social media doing an excellent job elaborating on different interpretations of proper alignment for functional shooting form.

The quote above is a great excerpt I decided to pull because while it is reasonable to suggest the best shooters demonstrate ideal form during games; it is not always the most pragmatic reference for developing shooters to emulate. The blog post gives a very thorough analysis of ways to evaluate shooting square (“Ten Toes at the Rim”) or with a slight turn from the rim.


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