Conscious Coaching is about figuring out an athlete’s purpose and matching it with an evidence-based coaching process.”

Intro & Chapter 1 Takeaways
  • Conscious Coaching Defined
  • Four Elements of a Conscious Coach

“…(T)ools that will help you improve your ability to close the gaps that may exist between your athletes’ internal drives and your personal coaching practices.” 

This book looks to dive into the connection of an athlete’s ability and aspiration with a coach’s instruction and holistic guidance. Beyond what we know, or what we can show as coaches, but through observation and listening igniting synapses that fuel deeper practice.

Four Elements of Conscious Coaching

(1) Buy-In

“…(T)ry to make it clear that buy-in is not something you can “get,” permantently possess, or otherwise passively receive. Rather, it is a feeling that is built over time and must be maintained through a combination of loyalty, results, and consistent positive actions.”

(2) Relationships

“… (R)elationships within the worlds of sport and coaching, believes that the relationship between a coach and an athlete can be conceptualized by the elements of both success and effectiveness (Dr. Sophia Jowett – 2005). Success relates to skill development and competition results, and effectiveness focuses upon personal satisfaction and the development of a rewarding bond.”

(3) Social Intelligence 

This element couples emotional I.Q. and communication. Having a balance between understanding the situational context and being able to effectively communicate through substance and content.

“‘Don’t just teach the lessons, tell the stories.’ Information is most powerful when it is personal.”

(4) Time

“The reality was that there wasn’t anything I could do other than be consistent in my messaging, my practice, and my actions in proving to my athletes that I cared and had their best interests at heart.”

Coaching Application

Where do these 4 traits rank in relation to our ability to coach and lead athletes in an optimal way?


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