10 Lessons From a Decade of Coaching

From one season to ten years. It becomes tough to slow down the time because our brain operates from moments to months down the road within minutes. At the end of any season, the mind automatically advances to the following year. Multiply that mindset by two with being married to a coach; we're lucky to … Continue reading 10 Lessons From a Decade of Coaching

Basketball And Philosophy: Purist Game

Arguments between purists and modernists are primarily about different visions of what basketball should be, not about which techniques work better. Fans of each generation have a subjective view of the best brand of basketball despite evidence of overlap between each era. During my day we played team defense. During my day we moved without the basketball. During my day, then just fill in the blank from what you have heard because everyone has a barbershop type story to tell.

Water The Bamboo: PLANT

At the end of the day, the seed which we plant is cultivated daily by how we teach, the decisions we reinforce, and the practices that are designed. When we talk about Water The Bamboo we are talking about the effect of compound interest, or lack thereof during our season. From this section of the book what we find out is the connection between the three and how it can impact our cumulative growth.