Time has flown since 2016, fortunate to have accepted a head coaching opportunity at the high school level in Central Massachusetts. More importantly, I have recently gotten married to the literal meaning of a “Coach’s Wife.” Between her volleyball season to my basketball schedule our household remains volatile year round.

Nonetheless, we love what we do (most days) and I am looking forward to getting back to sharing some of my experiences to this point. Over the next couple of months I want to cover a few of the most poignant topics during my first two years as a head coach, in addition to what my summer plans are from a developmental standpoint.

Here are a list of topics to expect:

  1. Summer Reading & Pro Development Projects
  2. Transition from Asst. to Head Coach
  3. Having a high caliber prospective student-athlete & the recruiting experience from the coaching side
  4. Impact of Prep School (esp. New England)
  5. Losing When Up Big
  6. Transition from College to High School

Stick around, hopefully these won’t take 2 years to complete.


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