It has taken me a while to get here, but about 5 years into this whole coaching thing I have started to embrace reading. If you are anything like me I am sure you will look to find if there is a movie or cliff-notes first. However, what I have grown to appreciate from book to movie is in the language that it’s written. Rarely are you going to get an in-depth perspective from a coach, an icon, or corporate leader in a relatively transparent fashion like you will in a book. Last summer I read Jay Wright’s “Attitude” on the 2015-16 championship season. The entire book was soaked with the value of staying true to your identity. From an outsiders perspective seeing Coach Wright on the sidelines you presume poise, character, and detail-oriented – down to his tailor made pinstripe suit. Attitude resonate those same qualities perceived from a Villanova program. Sure, there is the dialogue within the huddles demonstrating poise from the buzzer beating championship game against UNC. It is about what is embedded in the earlier chapters, anecdotes about his loyalty to mentor Rollie Massimino going to UNLV and having to make the decision to leave soon after accepting the job. Or reevaluating their culture after the rise of Villanova’s brand recognition appealing to higher profile recruits. This is a digression to the actual point of this post. The point is books tend to give you honest accounts of things we tend to only have a bird’s eye vantage point. Here are a list of the books that I read last summer:






My goal is to provide a brief synopsis on a few because if you were to just look at the titles, such as The Inner Game of Tennis you probably are wondering why it would be worthwhile. Here is this summer’s tentative list that I intend to read:






Camps, Clinics, & Practice

Throughout the time of hopefully reading these books I intend to attend/participate at a few different camps & clinics. Evident from the books that I have selected there will be a focus toward improving my preparation defensively. Between attending a couple practices at the collegiate level down at Richmond U to Point Guard College, my goal is to pick up a few concepts related to offensive scheme and skill development. There are a variety of ways to invest into the summer, whether it is picking up a book or picking up the phone to chalktalk. The clinics and practices are a way where I embrace being a spectator. Get a different perspective on structure, language, and philosophy. Sometimes it can be educational. Sometimes it can be reassuring that you are doing things perceived as “right.” Either way, I see it similar to what I tell my guys about attending class in college. The grades will come as long as you go because at the very least you are surrounded by content, in some capacity something will stick.


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