First off, one of the better practice facilities I have had the privilege of observing. With an affinity for strong neutral colors, the black and white gave this old-school popular retro look to it similar to the Brooklyn Nets aesthetics.

Let’s get to basketball though. Greatly appreciated the staff accommodating me for the day allowing me to view a purposeful summer practice of theirs, this prior to Coach Cooley heading off for the Pan-Am Games.

Having never met Coach Cooley, this was the impression I took from him following his practice. It starts with the team “Getting Together” going around High-Five or joking around with each teammate and staff member. Then Coach Cooley brings them together to chat about something a little bit more significant surrounding the program supplemented with a message of perspective and humility. The environment felt authentic and about relationships.

Practice Plan
  • 13 Layups in 1 Minute
    • Focus was on Pace, Space & Be Sharp. Ball doesn’t touch the floor!

  • Traditional Closeouts
    • Two rotations through simulating “Weak-Hand” & “Shooters” (No 3’s)
    • Following the last group to go from closeouts was a “Pressure Free Throw” for a Sprint
  • Breakdown Shooting – Concept & Action Specific Shooting
    • Mover-Blocker Action: Pindown and Flare-Screen Reads with Post-Up Finishes
    • Flip Action: DHO Cross-Screens to Pindowns or Pops
  • Shell Work – Position Check into Baseline Drive Rotations and X Outs to Live
    • Unique to the Drill: On coach’s whistle players stop for position check
    • Focus was on “Attitude & Commitment”
  • Triangle Shooting Progression

    • 3 Minutes; Switch After Each Minute; Goal 40 Makes
      • Curls to Elbow
      • DHO Pullups
      • Backdoor Finishes
  • Flow (Favorite Drill Here) – 3 Lengths of the Floor in 30 Seconds
    • “Chin- Chin-Chin” (Example)
    • Run the same action 3x in a matter of 30 seconds getting 3 different scoring options
    • Great Drill to go “Live” on the Final Trip
  • 3v0 Primary Break (Without a Ball)
    • Rim Run Focus – Sprint to 1/2 Court Show Hand & Get to Rim then Seal
    • Wings Focus – Sprint to opposite FT Line Drift & Shuffle to Corner (Footwork)
  • 5v0 Primary Progression (6 Lengths)
    • Advance It Up the Floor (2x)
    • Rim Run (2x)
    • Back to Point Guard Trailing
    • Attack & Play on Last
  • Pressure FT for a Sprint
  • Finish Together (High Fives & Love)

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