Able to stop by Chestnut Hill for a summer workout at Boston College. It was an offensive clinic kind of day for the guys. It was clear from the start the objective was to work on offensive concepts with a heavy proportion of skillwork related to shooting. Having been to a couple coach’s clinics where Coach Christian has spoke, I had an expectation for high energy and focus towards the details. Practice didn’t disappoint.

“Play basketball.”

Staff often mentioned during practice, encouraging guys to simply make instinctive plays.

Few takeaways from the practice session:

  • Be great at simple; concept execution over the complexity of action
  • Consistently reminded players of their footwork, not specific on mechanics
  • Staff had very high energy throughout the duration of practice

Practice Plan

  • Dynamics with Strength Coach
  • Progressive 2 Line Penetrate and Kick (15 Minutes)
  •  4 Corner Shooting (5 Min.)
    • Pen & Kick to Dribble Pullups
    • Relocation Catch & Shoot (Coaches Pass)
    • *Interesting to Note* – Finish 2: Make 2 in a row to complete drill

  • 3 Man Transition Drill (15 Min.)
  • Stations (5 Min. Each)
    • Heavy Ball Stationary Ballhandling
    • 3 Cone Ballhandling to Finishes – Midrange – Drift & Lift (3’s)

    • Lift & Drift Shooting with Relocation Scoring after Pass
  • 5v0 Dummy Offense to Transition Def.
    • Added Transition Defense – “1 Back & 1 at the Nail”
  • Dummy Closeouts
    • Traditional Mechanics – Sprint 2/3rds then butt down, chest up, & chop feet with high hands
    • Everybody went 3x through then added a 2nd offensive player to jump to the ball
  • Free Throws




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