Highlights from The Talent Code

Introduction The talent code is built on revolutionary scientific discoveries involving a neural insulator called myelin, which some neurologists now consider to be the holy grail of acquiring skill. (5) Myelin's vital role is to wrap those nerve fibers the same way that rubber insulation wraps a copper wire, making the signal stronger and faster … Continue reading Highlights from The Talent Code


Talent Code: Chapter 9 & 10

"Master coaches are the human delivery system for the signals that fuel and direct the growth of a given skill circuit, telling it with great clarity to fire here and not here." Chapter 9 Takeaways: Direct in High-Definition Bursts Coaching the Right Circuit "Most master coaches delivered their information to their students in a series … Continue reading Talent Code: Chapter 9 & 10

Talent Code: Chapter 7

"The culture is an incredibly strong force, and the only way to reach them is to change the way they see themselves." Chapter 7 Takeaways: Contagious Culture It turns out running a program is actually very simple: pic.twitter.com/XV9qKGyRcq — Jordan Sperber (@hoopvision68) April 22, 2019 Culture is the coaching buzzword. Schools are the macrocosm of … Continue reading Talent Code: Chapter 7

Talent Code: Chapter 5

"...(I)gnition is determined by simple if/then propositions, with the then part always the same - better get busy. See someone you want to become? Better get busy. Want to catch up with a desirable group? Better get busy." Chapter 5 Takeaways: Ignition - how motivation is created and sustained Variables to 'Flip the Switch' The idea is skill takes … Continue reading Talent Code: Chapter 5

The Talent Code: Chapters 2 & 3

"Struggle is not optional - it's neurologically required: in order to get your skill circuit to fire optimally, you must by definition fire the circuit suboptimally; you must make mistakes and pay attention to those mistakes; you must slowly teach your circuit." Chapter 2 & 3 Takeaways: Myelin = Skill The Science behind Skill-Development System … Continue reading The Talent Code: Chapters 2 & 3

The Talent Code: Intro & Chapter 1

"This is not ordinary practice. This is something else; a highly targeted, error-focused process. Something is growing, being built." Intro & Chapter 1 Takeaways Definition of Talent Deep Practice Skill-Development Futsal and Sport Innovation to Challenge/Accelerate Skill-Development Talent defined by author Coyle, as the possession of repeatable skills that don't depend on physical size. Identifying The … Continue reading The Talent Code: Intro & Chapter 1